Medverkar med konst och intervju i ett reportage av Amina Adelai om miljonprogrammet>>

Kosmisk kastrering, Knäcka Ryssen, Ta tjecken på fall

NTK Gallery

Praha, Česká republika

July 23 to August 25

Togeheter with Sandra Isacsson, Marha Leena Sillanpää, Gunnel Boman, Ulla Wiggen, Kanslibyrån, Malin Nordin, Per Stenborg, Christer Chytraeus, Susanna Hesselberg, Mark Frygell, Leif Elggren, Henrik Ekesiöö, Mikael Goralski, Joakim Forsgren and many more.

Curated by: Henrik Ekesiöö, Mikael Goralski, Joakim Forsgren and Alexander Peroutka

Opening a new solo show New Dawn for An Old Sun, the 11th of May in Gothenburg, split opening with Jamila Drott Let it Go

Götabergsgatan 32, Gothenburg, Sweden


12:00 – 18:00

12:00 – 16:00

12:00 – 15:00

Show runs through June 2nd.


Ausstellungsraum der IG Metall
Alte Jakobstraße 149, 10969 Berlin, Germany

May 24 to June 21

Togehter with:

PeggyButh, Marianna Christofides, Dominique Hurth,
Gonçalo Sena, Imogen Stidworthy

Curated by Dominique Hurth


Welcome to the opening of Mellan dig och mig at Ystad konstmuseum.

Opening reception 12 – 4 pm, Saturday 2th of Februari. The show runs through April 28.

Read more about the artists and curatorial theme on the blogg here (in swedish) >> 


Ystad konstmuseum 

Event on social media >>

Review of the show at Ljungbergmuséet by Sara Arvidsson in Jönköpingsposten 18/1 2019

(in swedish)




Review of the show at Ljungberg museum by Arne Johansson, Smålandsposten,181209

(in swedish)


Kultur recension

I Uppsala Nya Tidning >>

& Hem&Hyra >>



Vernissage den 1/12 på Ljungbergmuséet. Thomas Millroth öppningstalar kl 14


Upcoming shows:

Solo show at Ljungberg muséet Dec-Feb 2018-2019

Group show at Ystad konstmuséum Feb- April 2019

Galleri Thomassen May 2019 solo

Galleri Thomas Wallner 2020 solo


Välkommen på Onsdag 1/8 kl 17-19.Jag visar nya målningar. Utställningen är öppen till den 26/8.



Starting working on a public commission in Danderyd:


Read more here (in swedish) >> and here >>



A text about the exhibition at the konsthall and museum in Bollnäs, by Niels Hebert at, to read his writing (in swedish) >>

One Foot in the Grave. Opens 9 / 12 runs through Jan 20th.

Bollnäs museum och konsthall


The humble recipient of the Ann Margret and Sven Ljungberg Scholarship 2017:


Read more here >>

about the artist Ann Margret Ljungberg >> Sven Ljungberg >>  & the museum >>

review of Averno by Thomas Millroth in Sydsvenskan 21/10 2017


Included amongst many of my peers, in the much anticipated anthology by Ragnar Persson and Daniel Söderberg Om Döden,

Order it here >>
Alos check out their haunting first book Om Skogen here >> or in your favourite library.


Solo at Galleri Ping Pong

Stora Nygatan 4 Malmö

14 Oct – 4th Nov.




The Encounter of Bodies 

Opening Sept 23rd 12- 16 pm

Exhibition runs through Nov 12th.

The participating artists of the show are: Maiken Bent, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Preben Holst, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Åsa Jungnelius, Hanna Sjöstrand, Samaneh Reyhani and Viktor Rosdahl.

Ystad Konstmuseum
S:t Knuts Torg
271 80 Ystad

Tue- Fri: 12.00-17.00
Sat-Sun: 12.00-16.00


SECONDHAND DAYLIGHT Kosmisk Kastrering 6 Kummelholmen (group)

Galleri Ping Pong, oktober 2017 solo

Ystad Konstmuseum, september 2017 (group)

Bollnäs konstmuseum, november 2017 solo

Om döden (bok av Ragnar Persson och Daniel Söderberg, Orosdi Back) 2017

New interview in Artlover, order it at >>


Opening at Christian Larsen Feb 23 – Apr 2nd.
6-8 Pm.

Hudiksvallsgatan 8, Sthlm



Review in Sydsvenskan by Carolina Söderholm (svenska) >>

Interview at (svenska)  >>



Opening Sept 3, 12-4 pm, runs through Sept 30

>> has made an interview >>




Bonniers konsthall


22 May – 28 Aug






Espace MOSS

94 rue des tanneurs

1000 Brussels >>

A Collaboration between painters, initiated by Lena Johansson taking place with a group show and two day seminar at Moderna Muséet Malmö

March 11 to 13  >>


14, rue du Château D’eau


Monday – Sunday

12:00–18:00 –>






Julia Bondesson, Andreas Eriksson, Goldin & Senneby, Steinar Haga Kristensen, Viktor Rosdahl,
Helena Lund-Ek, Eirik Sæther, Emanuel Röhss, Maria von Hausswolff


Opening: August 27th, 5-8 pm

Exhibition period ends: September, 26th


Gallery opening hours:

Wednesday – Friday 12-5.30 pm, Saturday 12-4 pm




Out of Orbit

Staffanstorps konsthall

23rd of August to 4th of October.

Blekingevägen 1, Staffanstorp





April 25–May 30

Kammakargatan 68 Sthlm



At the Crack of Dawn


Tony Matelli, Gavin Turk, Nicola Samori, Viktor Rosdahl, Ditte Ejlerskov & Asger Dybvad Larsen


April 10 – May 23 2015


Join us for the opening reception Friday April 10 from 17-19



Bredgade 73






New works in the Malmö Art Museum collection,

through April 26th.



>> >>

We Hate In Order To Survive

IAC Malmö

curated by Woodpecker Projects >>

27th Sept – 19th Oct -14 >>

Reviews: >>,  >> >>

New issue of Little Finger Magazine >>

Restaurering av inre rum. >>, >>, >>


Jacquelyn Davies in Art Review, summer issue


Reviews on Double View

>>, >>

Frieze Focus

Randall´s Island New York

May 9th – 12th. 2014

Maria Lind in Artreview

Magnus Bons in konstperspektiv, april edition *

Quorum Sensing

Johan Berggren Gallery

27 th Februari – March 29th >>

Wedding Night at Skf

Malmö Konsthall 7/12 – 16/3 2013.


Cosmic Castration part II – A Night On Factory Street.

a one-night-only action in public space.

Taking place during midnight on an abonded industrial ground called “ödetomten”>>

Co-curaters: Joakim Forsgren and Mikael Goralski >>

top left:video screening with (amongst others) Mattias Bäcklin & Nug, Gustav Wiklund.

top right: Petr Davydtchenko during his performance “The Dying Breed”.

Bottom left: Karin Hasselberg during her performance and site specific sculptural reflection.

Bottom right: Klas Eriksson launched a performance that erupted once in a while during the night.


Tensta Museum: Reports from New Sweden.

Opens on Saturday the 26th of October,

Tensta konsthall,

curated by Maria Lind



On the remains of a former playground in Sundbyberg,

a Cosmic Castratation



Acting in the City

Norrköpings konstmuseum

28/9 – 5/1 >>

Curated by Susanne Ewerlöf

Selected reviews of the show Outskirts in Stockholm 1 (eng) 2 (sve)

Last week of group show in Malmö @ Galleri Ping Pong >>



Christian Larsen Gallery

opens on Thursday the 22nd of August through 28th of September, 2013


Volta 09. Basel with Christian Larsen Gallery 
split with Bo Christian Larsen

I wanna hold yor hand, Borås konstmuseum 20/4 - 29/9 Curated by Ola Åstrand 2013 >>

Year, book by komplot, Belgium >>

Det enda som håller, 

Göteborgs konsthall, 1/3-21/4 2013

>> with Lucas Rahn & Elin Behrens

curated by Mikael Nanfeldt

Art Brussels with Christian Larsen Gallery.

April 18-22.2012

The Armory Show Nordic Focus,
with Christian Larsen Gallery (se) and Dortmund Bodega (no).
and article by Clemens Altgård in issue 7 of Swedish magazine 10tal >>







Opening on December 1. 5 - 8 pm,

Hatch to an Abandoned Vein,

Johan Berggren Gallery, 2011.


Gothenburg Biennial 2011,

Pandemonium-art in a time of creativity fever. Sep 10 - Nov 13,

Curators: Sarat Maharaj, Gertrud Sandqvist, Dorothee Albrecht och Stina Edblom.

If the light should take us 

Gävle Konstcentrum.

Curated by Carl Bergström, Joakim Forsgren and Maja-Lena Johansson. 2011

>> , pdf >>

Lunds konsthall Presentation.

Opening the 27th of Nov and runs through 16th of Jan 2011.

>> &  >>

Opening 18th of November: In Darkness,

The Embrace of the Streets

18th Nov-20 Dec 2010

Christian Larsen Gallery, 2010 (solo)


The Moderna Exhibition 2010. Opens 2nd of October and runs through the 9th of January 2011.

Time Bank with E-flux. On frieze London 2009 and Liverpool biennial

False recognition at CAC Vilnius
2010.VI.18 – VIII.15
Curators: Anders Kreuger, Evaldas Stankevičius

Spezial nord #2 out now.
SItespecific text collaboration with Fredrik Norén.

Painterly delight at Silkeborg Bad and at Ystad konstmusem. Curated by Ditte Ejlerskov and Eva-Marie Lindahl.
5 june - 30 dec 2010-11
From one thing to the other, Romanian Cultural Institute, Stockholm 09-10 curated by Maria Lind
Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation, Bonniers konsthall 2009
Hallucnations from Sundbyberg, Dortmund bodega 2009
A Quiet Night In, Gallery Arnstedt 2009
Malmö Fast Forward, Skur 2,Stavanger Curated by Einar Børresen.
On site, In the midst if the Experienced, Ystad konstmueum,curated by Yrr Jonasdottir & Thomas Millroth 2008
A selfportriat from Malmö, Självporträtt från Nobelvägen, Christan Larsen Gallery 2009
The Music Of Chance, Landings 2008
Headlines & Footnotes, Henie Onstad Kunstcenter. Curated by Tone Hansen & Caroline Ugelstad 2008.
Crosskick plattform, Hannover kunstverien 2007. Curated by Martin Engler
Galleri Magnus Åklundh 2007 (preNight On Factory Street/Natt på industrigatan 2008).
Fullersta Bio & Konsthall, Fyra historier från Ingenstans, Curator Fredrik Lindberg 2007.
Iaspis Open studio, thanks to Radek Stypczinski Stockholm 2007
galleri 21,24, 25 Oslo 2007. Curated by Per Maning & Gertrud Sandqvist
Dream Dipped In Sludge, Peep Gallery 2007

viktorrosdahl ( @ ) hotmail ( . ) com
Currently working full time on development in the studio.

Viktor Rosdahl CV 2019

Viktor Rosdahl was born in 1980 and lives and works in Malmö. He studied at the Malmö Art Academy and at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm and graduated in 2007. He has received fellowship grants and awards from the Edstrandska Foundation, the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation and from the Swedish National Arts Council. His paintings and sculptures has been presented in numerous institutional contexts at; Hannover Kunstverein, Lunds konsthall, Moderna Muséet, GIBCA Röda Sten, Bonniers Konsthall, Ystad Art Museum, Tensta konsthall, CAC Vilnius and displayed in solo shows at Johan Berggren Gallery, Galleri Thomassen, Bollnäs museum and konsthall, Christian Larsen, Galleri Arnstedt, Galleri Ping-pong and at the Ljungbergs Art Museum.

Viktor Rosdahl is a painter who has been acknowledged for his dark, often furious, portrayals of industrialism and contemporary society from an underdog perspective.

“Viktor Rosdahl’s paintings seems to thrive in the most unexpected situations – in the hole in a broken table top from Ikea, in a shower curtain or a damp-damaged tarpaulin. Out of soot-blackened, deserted industrial landscapes the old-master-like paintings emerge bearing titles such as Wedding Night at SKF, My years as a soccer wife and Landing/Shelter for Aniara. In the borderland between the personal and the political a much-longed-for landing site is prepared for the wandering spaceship of the dream of the welfare state.”
Cecilia Widenheim, Director of IASPIS (2008)

Solo shows at Christian Larsen Gallery:
1, 2, 3, 4
Solo and duo shows at Johan Berggren Gallery:

>>, >>, >>


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Kosmisk kastrering / Cosmic Castration / Vesmírná kastrace NTK Gallery Prague 23.7.2019 – 18.8.2019 Viktor Rosdahl





Kosmisk kastrering / Cosmic Castration / Vesmírná kastrace NTK Gallery Prague 23.7.2019 – 18.8.2019 Viktor Rosdahl



































































































Photo: Ari Luostarinen 

Photo: Ari Luostarinen 

Photo: Ari Luostarinen

Photo: Ari Luostarinen


Photo: Ari Luostarinen

















































































































































































Post empire installation view

















Love Won´t Tear the Boys Apart, 124 x 89 cm Oil on canvas 2017




Aleppo & London, Ink, Acrylics and lacquers on canvas 2017






fly-black-angel Ink and lacquer on canvas 2016




Vandrare, 41 x 27 cm, Oil & lacquers on canvas 2016.



PINK oil on canvas 2016










installation view Galleri Arnstedt 2016






























 Installation view galleri arnstedt 2016












































































































































































































































































































































































































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