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Viktor Rosdahl CV 2019

Viktor Rosdahl was born in 1980 and lives and works in Malmö. He studied at the Malmö Art Academy and at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm and graduated in 2007. He has received fellowship grants and awards from the Edstrandska Foundation, the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation and from the Swedish National Arts Council. His paintings and sculptures has been presented in numerous institutional contexts at; Hannover Kunstverein, Lunds konsthall, Moderna Muséet, GIBCA Röda Sten, Bonniers Konsthall, Ystad Art Museum, Tensta konsthall, CAC Vilnius and displayed in solo shows at Johan Berggren Gallery, Galleri Thomassen, Bollnäs museum and konsthall, Christian Larsen, Galleri Arnstedt, Galleri Ping-pong and at the Ljungbergs Art Museum.

Viktor Rosdahl is a painter who has been acknowledged for his dark, often furious, portrayals of industrialism and contemporary society from an underdog perspective.

“Viktor Rosdahl’s paintings seems to thrive in the most unexpected situations – in the hole in a broken table top from Ikea, in a shower curtain or a damp-damaged tarpaulin. Out of soot-blackened, deserted industrial landscapes the old-master-like paintings emerge bearing titles such as Wedding Night at SKF, My years as a soccer wife and Landing/Shelter for Aniara. In the borderland between the personal and the political a much-longed-for landing site is prepared for the wandering spaceship of the dream of the welfare state.”
Cecilia Widenheim, Director of IASPIS (2008)

Solo shows at Christian Larsen Gallery:
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Solo and duo shows at Johan Berggren Gallery:

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